"I want a partner who brings solutions to me so I can focus on my customers, and grow my business. FMP does that for me. Also, with FMP, they only sell parts to service professionals. I don't have to explain pricing with my customers like you do when you buy parts from a discount retailer."
Jason C.
Colorado Tire & Service
Aurora, CO

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Fleet Supply Chain Solutions

Factory Motor Parts’ Fleet Supply Chain Solutions (FSCS) program allows fleets to take their focus off of the parts operation and keep their focus on keeping the fleet on the road.

We customize solutions that meet the needs of each fleet which may include:

  • Trained and certified parts personnel
  • Parts inventory designed to the vehicles within your fleet
  • Comprehensive parts and supply sourcing for all vehicle and equipment types
  • Technical resource training for technicians

FSCS for fleets will ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time to not only reduce overall expenses for the fleet but also enhance the efficiency of the fleet operation and productivity of the technicians.


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